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Michael & Cindy HORNER

My touches of God

These are many short stories of Cindy, a collection through her life experience with our wonderful Creator.

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Your touches of God

These is a collection of our reader’s stories with the same goal: encourage other people by sharing their personal experiences!

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Cindy’s art pages

Cindy has some other talents like watercolor painting, working with wood, glass and fabric. Please, have a look.

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I believe in personal testimony

Through all my difficult but wonderful life, I felt that I’m not alone. When I look back, I see that God was always with me, like He is always with you.

Through my stories I want to encourage the reader to take courage, to know that He exists and has a goal for each of us. I also believe that, by reading and sharing testimonies, we all are able to feel more joy and confidence …

I have experienced that art is a very important tool to reach out to people. My dear grandma taught me early in my life, already as a child, to love painting and sewing. Later, I also learned to dance, to work with wood, glass and fabrics. I love the dramatic arts: acting and directing; to use it to communicate God’s love and revelation to His people; to raise and explore questions we all have about living a life of faith.

On my other website cindytales.com, will be stories, plays, poems, and thoughts other than testimonies. Writing helps me to pin down ideas that often float by if they aren’t captured on a working page. ‘Working’ in the key word. Life is a journey. We all bump and bruise, squiggle and waddle, spear and be speared, laugh, rejoice, and grapple with ideas. Each moment, works its course to make us who we are, right now, and gives the spring board from which we can ‘phoenix’ into the life hear-after. Site will be developed only in 2020.

Cindy in Switzerland, among thousands of daffodils.
The track reader in Arizona (by Cindy Horner).

Next Steps…

I invite you to read some stories and/or to order my book. I also invite you to compose your own stories! Approved stories can be published on this website … and who knows, perhaps one day there will be a second book of stories written by you, the readers …